Browning ambassador: Who is Fiona Hopkins?

Pubblicato su 26 aprile 2018
Autore Sébastien Maréchal
At Browning, we are committed to promoting the world of hunting and sports shooting. To do so, we support associations, athletes, but also huntress and hunters. One of these huntress is Fiona Hopkins. She is one of our ambassadors on France with Margaux Huntress and Julien Carpentier. We asked her a few questions.

Interview with Fiona Hopkins

B.: Type of hunting practised? 

F.F.: Small game (wood pigeon, duck, pheasant, partridge, woodcock, hare…) and big game (wild boar, roe deer, red deer…) by driven hunt or stalking hunt.

B.: Your best trophy?

F.F.: My first roe deer, an old one, with a single antler. Hunt by stalking in the South of France during summer, guided by my boyfriend… Difficult but an awesome moment with great memories…

B.: When did you start hunting?

F.F.: I have my license since November 2015. But I have been at the hunt with my dad sometimes when I was young.

B.: And why?

F.F.: I have always loved the wild and I have always admired animals. In 2014, I accompanied my dad, my brother and my uncle during a driven hunt (small game and big game). I had a really great time during this day with beautiful memories… But there isn’t female at hunt… So, I said to myself: “why couldn’t I do it?”. I discussed it with my family and my grandmother said to me “If you have your hunting license, I give you a shotgun which belonged to your grandfather.” So, I got my hunting license and my story started from there. I was not thinking that I can be addicted as I am. I have a deep respect for the wild and for the animals. The wild is incredibly beautiful… I feel myself nearer to the wild since I hunt. 

B.: Favourite place to hunt?

F.F.: It’s near my parents’ house, the place is called « Champagne Wood ». It’s in this place I have hunted for the first time, thank to my father’s friend, Alain. I am feeling very well, like at home, when I am in this place…

B.: Your dream place for a hunt?

F.F.: I have two: in the French mountains to hunt mouflon by stalking and in Saskatchewan (Canada) to hunt a whitetail deer during a snowing day.