Auto-5, BAR, B25, Hi-Power, 1900: focus on 5 Browning guns that have each sold over 1 million

Pubblicato su 14 maggio 2018
Autore Adrien Koutny
John Moses Browning, the man who gave his name to our brand, is often called “the father of modern guns”. This man who held 128 patents is also behind four of the five Browning guns that have each sold over one million.

The Auto-5: the top hunting model

Created in 1903 by John Moses Browning himself, the Auto-5 was the first semi-automatic shotgun in the world intended for hunting. Manufactured from 1903 to 1999, over 4 million of these revolutionary guns were sold!  This semi-automatic shotgun with inertial operation, that is to say, based on the recoil, was attractive on account of its high efficiency and its exceptional reliability. The Auto-5 returned in 2013 under the name of A5. The design of the A5 recalls its illustrious ancestor while offering the best of current technology.

Hi-Power: power at your fingertips

The Hi-Power pistol was the last handgun John Moses Browning worked on. Almost 2 million of these semi-automatic pistols were sold.  It was manufactured from 1935 to 2017. Appreciated for the quality of its barrel and its functionality, it is the second oldest pistol still in service in many armies and police forces from almost 50 different countries.

B25: the universal reference

All of today’s over and under guns were inspired by a Browning shotgun, because the first over and under gun in the world was none other than the world-famous B25, designed by John Moses Browning and completed by his son Val in 1930. Over 500,000 B25s were manufactured between 1930 and 1980.  The following six generations of this reference over and under gun (now the B525 and the B725) have brought the range close to the 2 million sales mark.

BAR: the queen of the driven hunt

In 1917, when World War I was drawing to its close, the Americans were able to rely on a considerable ally:  the BAR M1918.  Not until 1966 was there a civilian version of the Browning Automatic Rifle. Since then, this rifle has never really had a serious competitor, given its high reliability and precision.  Over one million of these rifles are in circulation.

1900: the first modern semi-automatic pistol

Manufactured only for 12 years (1900-1912), the 1900 was the very first semi-automatic slide pistol!  Once again, a Browning gun was the reference for all the others, even 100 years later.  During just 12 years, this handgun, popularised in numerous works of fiction, became an icon of John Moses Browning’s genius. One million of these pistols were sold.

Now, in your opinion, which will be the next Browning gun to reach the million mark?  The Maral, the straight-pull rifle that is the fastest on the market? The X-Bolt and its formidable precision? The Maxus with the least recoil of any of the semi-automatic shotguns?